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Agribusiness Connections Program

After its successful debut in 2018, the Renk Agribusiness Institute at UW-Madison and the Wisconsin Agri-Business Association are proud to announce they are hosting a bigger and better AGRIBUSINESS CONNECTIONS PROGRAM at the 2019 Wisconsin Agribusiness Classic.

The Agribusiness Connections Program is designed to give agribusiness companies, like yours, the opportunity to meet and begin interacting with qualified students about opportunities for entry-level positions and internships within your company.

From 1:15 - 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 16th, WABA will designate an area in the Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall specifically for agribusiness companies to set up and man a tabletop display about your company. The Renk Agribusiness Institute will invite agriculture students from every college with an agriculture program in the state of Wisconsin. The result will be an unprecedented opportunity for you to begin recruiting interns and employees. And to make this program even more exciting, the cost for you to have a table and the cost for students to attend is all FREE.

If your company is interested in participating in this Agribusiness Connections Program, all you need to do is the following:

 • Your company will need to be a current member of the Wisconsin Agri-Business Association
 • Designate a contact person for event preparation
 • Provide a short bio sheet on your company (Click the link above)
 • Provide a listing of opportunities for internships ad full-time employment within your company
 • Send all this information to WABA by no later than Friday, Oct. 26, 2018.

Students interested in attending the Agribusiness Connections Program will provide resumes and cover letters to the Renk Agribusiness Institute. Then, several days prior to the Wisconsin Agribusiness Classic, through a website specifically created for this program, the Renk Agribusiness Institute will provide all interested students with information provided by participating companies, and will provide participating companies with information on all participating students.

WABA members, many of you are already attending the Wisconsin Agribusiness Classic for learning, networking and entertainment purposes. Now you can use it for recruitment purposes as well. What an opportunity! Make sure your Human Resources Director sees this.

To participate in the Agribusiness Connections Program, contact:

Sara Schoenborn, Wisconsin Agri-Business Association at 608-223-1111


Jeremy Beach, Renk Agribusiness Institute at 608-262-9485

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