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CM = crop management
NM = nutrient management
PD = professional development
PM = pest management
SW = soil & water management
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Tuesday, January 11, 2022


Time Room Title
UW Pesticide Training


Time Room Title
1:00-1:10M 1-4Welcome
1:10-1:20M 1-4Randy Romanski, Secretary, WI Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
1:20-1:40M 1-4Wisconsin FFA President – Ben Styer
1:40-2:00M 1-4WABA Awards Presentations
2:00-3:00M 1-4Keynote Speaker: Ted McKinney, CEO, National Assoc. of State Dept. of Agriculture
3:00-3:15M 1-4Kickoff to the 2022 Classic
3:15-4:15M 1-4WABA Annual Membership Meeting

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Time Room Title
8:15-10:30MO/WISnapPlus 101
Laura Ward Good (UW Madison) and Andrea Topper (Wis. DATCP)
(1.5 NM)
11:00-11:50MO/WISnap Plus for Agronomists
Laura Ward Good (UW Madison) and Andrea Topper (Wis. DATCP)
(1.5 NM)
8:30-8:55M 1-3Does tillage affect the optimum nitrogen rate for corn?
Francisco Arriaga, Soil Science, UW-Madison
(0.5 SW)
8:30-8:55M-4Vegetable integrated weed management: From global challenges to local solutions
Jed Colquhoun, Horticulture, UW-Madison
(0.5 CM)
8:30-8:55M-5-8Agronomic stability and resiliency of the corn-soybean rotation in the US Corn Belt
Joe Lauer, Agronomy, UW-Madison
(0.5 CM)
8:30-8:55WA/KEAfrican Swine Fever - What You Need To Know And Do When (Not If) It Gets To WI
Dr. Cassandra Jones, Department of Animal Science, Kansas State University
(1.5 PD)
8:30-8:45MO/WISnapPlus 101
8:55-9:20M 1-3Tile drainage self-assessment: What can I evaluate?
Eric Cooley, Discovery Farms
(0.5 SW)
8:55-9:20M-4At-plant, seed treatment options for the control of seed corn maggot in processing sweet corn
Russell Groves, Entomology, UW-Madison
(0.5 CM)
8:55-9:20M 5-8Ooops I think I broke my Al
Shawn Conley, Agronomy, UW-Madison
(0.5 CM)
8:55-9:20WA/KEAfrican Swine Fever (continued)
8:55-9:20MO/WISnapPlus 101
9:30-10:00M 1-3Soil health in soybean systems: Practical measures for adoption
Lindsay Malone, Agronomy, UW-Madison
(0.5 SW)
9:30-10:00M-4Updates in managing phytophthora crown and fruit rot in fruiting vegetables
Amanda Gevens, Plant Pathology, UW-Madison (0.5 CM)
9:30-10:00M 5-8How is the ag industry using new technologies to address sustainability?
Paul Carter, Independent Agronomist
(0.5 CM)
9:30-10:00WA/KEAfrican Swine Fever (continued)
9:30-10:00MO/WISnapPlus 101 (continued)
10:00-11:00Tradeshow Break with Refreshments
11:00-11:25M 1-3Real-time nutrient sensing for precision manure application
Rebecca Larson, Biological Systems Engineering, UW-Madison
(0.5 SW)
11:00-11:25M-4Using precision agriculture practices in producing vegetable crops in Wisconsin
Alfadhl Alkhaled, UW-Madison
(0.5 CM)
11:00-11:25M 5-8Plant breeding 101: New tools and techniques
Jose Ignacio Varela, Agronomy, UW-Madison
(0.5 CM)
11:00-11:25WA/KELeah Wilkenson, VP of Public Policy and Education, American Feed Industry Assn.
(1.0 PD)
11:00-11:25MO/WISnapPlus 101 (continued)
11:25-11:50M 1-3Phosphorus denitrification and availability from manure-derived biochar
Joe Sanford, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
(0.5 SW)
11:25-11:50M-4Testing and breeding for root and leaf disease resistances in table beet
Irwin Goldman, Horticulture, UW-Madison
(0.5 CM)
11:25-11:50M 5-8SmartStax PRO technology: The first commercial use of RNAI technology for managing corn rootworm
Safeer Hassan, Bayer US – Crop Science
(0.5 CM)
11:25-11:50WA/KELeah Wilkenson (continued)
11:50-1:30Lunch and Tradeshow
1:30-2:10M 1-3Fertilizer market update
Joe Dillier, Ameropa North America
(1.0 NM)
1:30-1:55M-4Cover crop lessons from the field
Dan Smith, Nutrient & Pest Management, UW-Madison
(0.5 CM)
1:30-1:55M 5-8Planting green for weed control: Does it work?
Rodrigo Werle, Agronomy, UW-Madison
(0.5 PM)
1:30-1:55WA/KEPreventing Grain Bin Collapse: Off-Center Unloading-Loading Can Dangerously Reshape Your Bin Permanently
Tom Nealey, Owner of Ag Facility Engineers
(1.5 PD)
1:55-2:20M 1-3Fertilizer market update (continued)
1:55-2:20M-4The rise of fall armyworm
Chris DiFonzo, Entomology, Michigan State Univ
(0.5 PM)
1:55-2:20M 5-8Chaff lining: A harvest weed seed control technology in soybean
Prashant Jha, Agronomy, Iowa State Univ.
(0.5 PM)
1:55-2:20WA/KEPreventing Grain Bin Collapse (continued)
2:30-3:00M 1-3Sidedressing corn with liquid manure
Melissa Wilson, Soil, Water & Climate, Univ. of Minnesota
(0.5 NM)
2:30-3:00M-4Soybean defoliation rating made easier
Chris DiFonzo, Entomology, Michigan State Univ.
(0.5 PM)
2:30-3:00M 5-8Weed seed destructor: A powerful tool in the war against herbicide-resistant weeds
Prashant Jha, Agronomy, Iowa State Univ.
(0.5 PM)
2:30-3:00WA/KEPreventing Grain Bin Collapse (continued)
4:00-4:25M 1-3Injecting manure into a growing cover crop
Melissa Wilson, Soil, Water & Climate, Univ. of Minnesota
(0.5 NM)
4:00-4:25M-4Machinery traffic impact on alfalfa yield, quality,and soil compaction
Brian Luck, Biological Systems Engineering, UW-Madison (0.5 NM)
4:00-4:25M-5-8Survival and reproduction of waterhemp and Palmer amaranth when growing in established alfalfa
Mark Renz, Agronomy, UW-Madison
(0.5 PM)
4:00-4:25WA/KEGrain Dryer Fires - Prevention and Suppression
Jeff Decker, Owner of Decker Consulting & Investigations (1.0 PD)
4:25-4:50M 1-3Creating opportunities for in-season manure application using cover crop and alternative forages: Stories from northern Wisconsin
Jamie Patton, Nutrient & Pest Management, UW-Madison
(0.5 NM)
4:25-4:50M 5-8The potential of grasses in dairy forage systems
Jason Cavadini, Marshfield Ag Research Station
4:25-4:50M 5-8Herbicide resistance: What is going on around Wisconsin
Nick Arneson, Agronomy, UW-Madison
(0.5 PM)
4:25-4:50WA/KEGrain Dryer Fires (continued)
5:00-7:00Industry Reception - Trade Show Floor

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Time Room Title
9:00-9:25M 1-2Open Discussion and Q&A With The Manufacturers of the Products We Sell and Apply AMVAC, Corteva, Valent, Bayer, Gowen, BASF, FMC
(2.5 PD)
9:00-9:25M 3-4Using on-farm trials to evaluate Wisconsin’s corn N rate selection tools
Carrie Laboski, Soil Science, UW-Madison
(0.5 NM)
9:00-9:25M 5-8Tar spot of corn: Biology and distribution
Darcy Telenko, Botany & Plant Pathology, Purdue
(0.5 PM)
9:00-9:45WA/KECyber Security Breaches - What Are They? Who Is Doing It? And Why?
Mark Eich, Specialist in Information Security, System Testing Vulnerability Assessments, and Cyber Fraud Incident Response, Clifton Larson Allen
(0.75 PD)
9:00-9:25MO/WIAnhydrous Ammonia: Promoting Safe Practices and Navigating Through Regulations
John Rebholz, Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Assoc.
(1.0 PD)
9:25-9:50M 1-2Open Discussion with Manufacturers (continued)
9:25-9:50M 3-4Phosphorus soil tests for nutrient recommendations: Comparisons of routine and soil health testing methods
John Jones, Soil Science, UW-Madison
(0.5 NM)
9:25-9:50M 5-8Managing white mold with a strategic plan
Richard Webster & Damon Smith, Plant Pathology, UW-Madison
(0.5 PM)
9:45-10:30WA/KESo Your System Has Been Breached - Now What Do We Do?
Emily Selck, Director of Cyber Liability, M3 Insurance Group
Jen Pino-Gallagher, Director of Food and Agribusiness Practice, M3 insurance Group
(0.75 PD)
9:25-9:50MO/WIAnhydrous Ammonia (continued)
10:00-10:25M 1-2Open Discussion with Manufacturers (continued)
10:00-10:25M 3-4Nitrogen use efficiency trends in Wisconsin
Matt Ruark, Soil Science, UW-Madison
(0.5 NM)
10:00-10:25M 5-8Tar spot of corn: Management options once detected on your farm
Darcy Telenko, Botany & Plant Pathology, Purdue
(0.5 PM)
10:00-10:25WA/KESo Your System Has Been Breached (continued)
10:00-10:25MO/WIGeneral Ag Facility Safety - What Have You Overlooked?
Jim Nolte, Safety Program Director for the Wisconsin Agri-Business Association
(1.0 PD)
10:25-10:50M 1-2Open Discussion with Manufacturers (continued)
10:25-10:50M 3-4Carbon farming
Randy Jackson, Agronomy, UW-Madison
(0.5 NM)
10:25-10:50M 5-8Where’s DON? What we know about deoxynivalenol accumulation in corn
Damon Smith, Plant Pathology, UW-Madison
(0.5 PM)
10:25-10:50WA/KEAg Supply Chain Disruptions - What To Expect In 2022
Josh Linville, StoneX
(1.0 PD)
10:25-10:50MO/WIGeneral Ag Facility Safety (continued)
11:00-11:30M 1-2Open Discussion with Manufacturers (continued)
11:00-11:30M 3-4An update on NR 151 groundwater nitrate targeted performance standards in Wisconsin
Chris Clayton & Brian Weigel, Wis. DNR
(0.5 NM)
11:00-11:30M 5-8Is hybrid rye a viable crop for Wisconsin farmers?
Haleigh Ortmeier-Clarke, Agronomy, UW-Madison
(0.5 CM)
11:00-11:30WA/KEAg Supply Chain Disruptions (continued)
11:00-11:30MO/WIGeneral Ag Facility Safety (continued)
11:30-1:30Lunch and Tradeshow
1:30-1:55M 3-4Farm economy and policy updates
Paul Mitchell, Ag & Applied Economics, UW-Madison
(0.5 CM)
1:55-2:20M 3-4Corn and soybean market situation and outlook
Brenda Boetel, Ag Economics, UW-River Falls
(0.5 CM)
2:30-3:20M 3-4How to benefit from ag carbon markets?
Alejandro Plastina, Economics, Iowa State Univ.
(0.5 CM)